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Supra Connection Bench Unlock Service

Supra Connection Bench Unlock Service

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SupraConnection proudly offers ECU bench unlock services for the MK5 Toyota Supra GR A90 MKV

Overview: BMW has come out with a reflash update for their newer cars that will prevent OBD programming. Toyota now has this same update for the A90 Supra. This service will enable OBD programming.  

Processing & Turnaround: 2021+ and some of the later 2020 Cars will require a ECU Bench unlock, We currently offer this service with a 24hr-72 hour turn around time and also offer local same day unlock for those in Miami, Florida. Shipping services includes Pre-Paid overnight labels both ways for less downtime. Mail order and local services available 

Disclaimer: As of 9/23/20, later A91, including A91 editions, are unable to be unlocked. Please CONTACT US HERE if you have any further questions or concerns on the procedure.

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